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Nature's Healing Secrets

Nature has provided us with an abundance of food. Taking cues from mother nature’s rich harvest, we list a few super foods that should be part of your daily diet to promote health


Yoga Tips

Yoga is the world's oldest system of self-development and encompasses mind, body and spirit. The term 'yoga' originates from the Sanskrit root yuj meaning yoke, unite, join together as one.


Fitness Tips

Well begun is half done. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Cut out all starchy foods like white bread, pasta, potatoes to reduce calorie intake. Look out for a tip on fruits tomorrow.


Health Conditions

Alcohol affects people in many different ways. Some experience intoxication with just one drink, others are able to consume 3 to 4 drinks before they begin to feel its effects

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Mickey Mehta's Dynamic Weight Loss Plan

The following vegetarian diet plan is for quick weight loss and should be followed under competent, authoritative governance and medical supervision.


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Having problems with your health? Get in touch with Mickey Mehta and his team of experts to get your health queries solved.


Health Tips and Recipes

Who says healthy equals not tasty? Once you try these recipes out, you'll never want to look back. All it takes is one bite

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Enter your height and weight to compute your BMI.
Below 18: Underweight
18 - 24 : Healthy
25 - 29: Overweight
30 - 34: Obesity (Grade 1)
35 - 40: Obesity (Grade 2)
Above 40: Extremely obese - Obesity (Grade 3)
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