Obesity / Overweight is one of the enormous nightmares for one and all in this modern and hectic world. Excess fat accumulation largely in the area around your Centric body ( Belly fat ,Abdomen, lower abdomen ) called as Central Obesity or Apple shape body. Second one is lower body fat called as Pear shape body (around the Hips and Thighs)

Are you worried about your bulging belly fat?

You’re not alone. More and more people are becoming victims to excess weight owing to unhealthy eating habits due to lack of time to completely focus on themselves.

However, the best jobs or houses won’t mean anything if you aren’t in the best of health to enjoy the perks that come with them. Excess weight poses one of the biggest hazard to your overall health. Obesity is the open invitation for all the Diseases which we never thought for!!

In most cases, excess weight or obesity is the first indication of the presence of visceral body fat in you. Visceral fat releases harmful chemicals into our body, which makes you highly vulnerable to dangerous health issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure .You can get rid of excess weight through natural way. Natural way means not only to get rid of excess weight effectively but also help you to manage your overall health complaints with following Diets .

Find the Below Programmes at , DR. Mickey Mehta’s Health and Beyond Fitness Temples:

Counselling on personal health tips

  1. Personalized Health Diet Chart
  2. Do’s and Dont’s /Appetite personalized chart
  3. Daily Routine habits
  4. Cause of Weight Gain
  5. Medical History /past and present medical reports
  6. Considering Work structure-Sedentary/Moderate/Heavy work style
  7. Daily Diet Timings
  8. Routine pattern
  9. Allergies/ Medications
  10. We treat you in natural and Healthy way
  11. Diets are Free from Supplements/drugs or any medication, effective solutions
  12. Diets are based on Nurturing and overall development of Body Tissues and growth Harmones.
  13. Diets are specially designed for Menopause / Pre menopause and post menopause.
  14. Diets are planned for Pre Pregnancy and Post Delivery.
  15. Balanced and Proportions Calories Diets .
  16. Obesity and Related Problems Diets with specific changes.