Stickers are made in various types and according to the needs of its users. The making of customized stickers makes sticker users more creative. Plus, it is easy to produce, if you already have a design to make, then you only need to come to sticker printing in Singapore to print it. 

When you are about to put a sticker on certain surfaces, it should work as an eye-catching mini-infographic for people who will see it. The point is that you need to make a sticker that stands out, so that the audience who sees it, notice what are you trying to say. So? Have you made one? This brief article will give you a sight on how to make an eye-catching sticker, make sure you read until the end. 

1. Choose The Personalized Design That Represents You 

In the process of making stickers, there are several things you need to pay attention to. One of the most important is the design. If you want to design a sticker, it is recommended that you don’t choose a design that is widely available on the internet. Make your own design that represents yourself, in terms of color, shape, size, and type of material selection. You can use the image as a reference only, do not be completely copy it. If you still have not got a personal logo reference yet, take a look at your surroundings. Maybe there are things that can inspire you to put them in the form of logo designs for stickers, such as nature on your backyard, your room, your favorite items, and others. 

2. Use Colors That Represent You. 

Color selection is actually very easy, you only need to choose your favorite color. The tricky thing is the mix and match the colors. Because if you combine colors that are not quite right, even if the color combination is your favorite color, the result will not be good. For instance, include red & green, and purple & yellow. Try to bring the colors closer to each other, won’t you feel annoyed? To avoid this, it is recommended that you choose a color combination such as gray and green, with green or gray being vibrant. Choose one of the colors to be more vibrant than the other colors. This will give the effect of shadows and letters that arise, which an effect you should aim for when making stickers. 

3. Combination Of Words And Picture 

Generally, each sticker has a logo, words, or both. In the process of combining words and pictures, you need to pay attention to proportions. Back again to your goal of making stickers, whether you want to introduce a slogan or a logo image. If you want to display both, you are advised to embed the words you want to convey in the logo itself. An example can be done by adjusting the layout and size of the words that you want to use in a particular logo shape. Or vice versa, you can embed the logos on the word created. So? What are you waiting for? You can make one today, Good luck!