In the corporate world, a rubber stamp is always needed. If you are trying to get one, you will most likely be faced with several types of rubber stamp options. You might be wondering which one is the best type of rubber stamp for you?

Well, it is recommended to choose a self inking stamp because it is one of the most convenient types of rubber stamp compared to the other ones there are available to choose from out there.

A self inking stamp is a type of rubber stamp with an ink cartridge installed in it. Whenever you run out of it, you can always refill it. It is simple and keeps you away from a mess. But of course, that is not the only benefit it can bring for you.

1. Increase Productivity

A self inking stamp can heighten productivity especially when it comes to a tedious job that is performed repeatedly, for example, signing documents. If you do it manually, you might create mistakes that you don’t want. But with a self inking stamp, you will always do it right without mistake as long as the design is right. Not only that you can be away from mistakes, but you will also always be sure that you will give out the best because it is always neat and pleasant to the eyes. Also, you can work twice faster with a stamp because it only takes a second to do it.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

Not only productivity, but you can also promote stronger brand awareness. You can do this by stamping the logo of your company or brand on various items like documents, envelopes, and other things that require the impression of a self inking stamp. By doing this, you will also appear more proper. The recipient of your document can always know and be sure of the authenticity of the document because it is marked by the official stamp of your company. With a self inking stamp, you can save up more money instead of printing the logo on envelopes and letterheads, but you still can give off a professional impression toward the recipient of your document.

3. Simple and Durable

If you have a job that requires you to be mobile and carry your stamp around, then you don’t have to worry because your self inking stamp is light and convenient to be carried with you anywhere.  All you need to bring is the stamp itself without anything else. It is great because it is small and compact enough to fit your pocket, purse, or any other small confines. You won’t have to bring a separate ink pad, and you also don’t have to worry about ink leakage because it is safe. A self inking stamp is made with durable material that can last you a long time. It is designed to leave up to thousands of impressions and this way you can save up quite a lot of money as well. If you ever run out of ink, then you can simply buy an ink refill for it.