Designing your own wedding invitation card printing in Singapore can be fun. But if you don’t know what to do or at least where to start from, it can get quite stressful and end up being a waste of time as well as resources.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to designing a wedding invitation, but don’t be scared, and don’t worry. Here are the basic guidelines for designing a wedding invitation:

1. Decide on a Theme

This is the most important first step as you design your wedding invitation. Brainstorming and planning out your wedding invitation design can really help you do a smooth wedding invitation production. You should definitely start from deciding on a theme because it will be a lot easier for you to decide the relevant design elements, including the colors of your wedding invitation, the type of font, the images to be included in the design, as well as other decorations that can make your wedding invitation look prettier.

2. Shape and Size

With today’s technology, you can definitely create a wedding invitation in any kind of shape and size. But you have to make sure that the design soft file has the right measurements for the shape and size of the wedding invitation that you want to create. You also have to make sure that the shape and size of your wedding invitation are not too difficult to carry around. It is ideal that a wedding invitation to be not too big nor too small so that people can easily bring it, especially if it is mandatory to show the invitation to the wedding event for access.

3. Font and Printing Style

There are a lot of different fonts and printing styles that you can choose to make the appearance of your wedding invitation look more interesting. Each type of font and printing style can give off different look and feel, so you have to make sure that you choose carefully according to the theme that you have decided on.

4. Paper Stock and Color

You can either choose a plain white paper and add splashes of colors using printing according to the design that you have done. Or, you are able to not worry about the background color and choose an already colored paper stock. The latter option can make your wedding invitation look better and even more elegant as long as you know what kind of other elements of design that go along with the color of paper stock that you choose.

5. Don’t Forget Envelope

Of course, to complete the look of your wedding invitation, you have to remember that it needs to come with an envelope. You have to design the envelope as well so that it can have a cohesive look that matches the design of the invitation card. The envelope secures the card as well, so you have to choose an envelope quality that is good enough and can ensure the safety of the wedding invitation card. Preferably, the paper choice for the envelope should be durable and not easy to tear.