One of the advantages of utilizing stickers is an effective business promotion. If you have a good designing skill, you can design your own stickers to print using graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and bring your self-designed stickers to a digital printing service that offers sticker printing in Singapore. You can print your stickers as many as you desire. Compared to other promotional strategies like handing out brochures, stickers can be a cheaper way to make your products well known in the market.

Design Unique Stickers

One of the most important keys in creating stickers is to have a stand-out design toward the targeted customers. Sticker designs that only show logo and the business number is not interesting for the customers. A better approach is to create unique stickers before printing that has unique graphics and interesting sentences or phrases to convey your important messages regarding your product. Use one line in a font that’s easy to read. Attach logo of your product or company on your sticker to introduce your brand easier toward your customers. If you need more inspiration, try to find ideas of unique sticker designs on the internet. You will be able to find a lot of sticker examples that may catch your customers’ attention. By using a unique design, you will be able to maximize the benefits of printing stickers.

Promotion Using Stickers

The aim of promoting with stickers is to increase business profile using visibility enhancement. Distribute free stickers to pedestrians who are walking by or include stickers in packaging in every customers’ orders. Visit crowded places and maximize your promotion with stickers there. City festivals or exhibitions are the opportunities you can take to speak with people and let them know about your business. Handing stickers out to them may help them to remember and look for your business when they need your product.


Another way to maximize the benefits of sticker printing is to build co-branding. Visit a local business that has a connection or related to your business and ask if they can consider displaying your stickers to the shop’s windows or tables. Offer them the same favor in your business for exchange. The opportunity of co-branding as so allows the possibility for the company to collect resources and affiliation to reach more customers. For example, a bread store and chocolate supplier that shows their affiliation. This way, new clients may be interested to purchase from both sides of the business.

What to be Avoided

Strictly do not place stickers where it doesn’t belong and without permission. If you choose to hand out or stick your stickers on cars, you have to first ask for the permission of the vehicle owners. If the promotion plan is to be conducted in a public place with sticker placement on walls or buildings, ask for the approval from the building management to do those promotional activities with your stickers. Responsibility is very important to avoid causing inconvenience to people around. Make sure to get sufficient information and formal approval/pass to the continuity of your branding activity at all times.

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