There are surely several things that need to be taken into consideration as you design a certification. It is something that is very important and meaningful, that is why the design must be done very meticulously. Not only the design, but also other printing decisions such as the type of paper or if there’s any type of specific ink or finishes that is going to be used for the production.

1. Design Simply

There’s not much variation or improvement that you can do in terms of the content of the certificate. All you have to do is design a certificate that states the award, what kind of achievement is given, to whom it is given and by whom, as well as the date and place along with a signature. All certificates usually contain this information. It is best to stick to the basics and keep it that way. But the choice of fonts may vary, as well as the font size. It is best to choose fonts that look professional and easy to read. Legibility is absolutely important for this to avoid any confusion. You can choose to include the border for the certificate of your design, but you can also choose not to have it. The background of a certificate can be plain, or it can have a certain type of pattern. Just make sure that nothing overlaps with the text or even the border.

2. Proofread

After you feel like you are satisfied with the design of your certificate, never forget or deliberately skip proofreading. Proofreading is terribly important because you can not have any mistake on the certificate that you are about to give. The name of people, as well as the institution or program that grants the certificate, must at all costs be free from any mistake so that it can be an appropriate certificate.

Now, here are several types of papers that you can choose to print certification on.

1. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is one of the most common types of paper chosen for certificate printing Singapore. This is not for no reason at all. Parchment paper is one of the best quality paper that is quite affordable as well. It looks unique and thick as well as durable. You can achieve a certificate that looks elegant and proper. It is also not difficult to process a parchment paper as it can be printed using a laser printer, inkjet printer, copier, or even a typewriter, making it a type of paper that is very versatile.

2. Linen Paper

Linen paper is a subtle paper with a smooth and embossed texture, making it a type of paper that is nice to touch and feel. It looks expensive, elegant, and definitely pleasant to the eyes. It is perfect for certification printing due to these great qualities, and it can also be good for printing restaurant menus as well as other formal purposes like business correspondences.

3. Granite Paper

Granite paper looks like a polished paper. It has a smooth finish that makes it great for certification, letterheads, proposals, presentations, and many other stationeries. You can use it for the formal and also nonformal occasions.