A good common seal in Singapore denotes the signature and mark of the company, which is actually an embossed impression. Originally, the seal created to utilize on deeds and to legalize some documents. Over the years, the mark of the seal has also been changed a lot. In the 21st century, businesses start to use the seal for the company branding, identification purposes, and other needs.

Generally, the seal bears the company name, year of incorporation, state, and other elements based on your needs. Nowadays, the signature of the higher authority of the company such as CEO has been replaced by the company seals. You can assume the seal as the official signature of your business.

What is a common seal?

The common seal is also called company seal, which is a seal used mostly in the company for important documents, major contracts, and shared certificates. It is usually available in different types of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. If you wish, then you can customize the seal based on your needs. Usually, it takes more than three to five working days to collect the seal, which takes more time for more complicated designs.

The company seal has an upper and lower die, which need to press together in order to bring the dies together to emboss the seal on the document. It is extremely easy to carry around and use as well. It is quite different from the rubber stamp because it renders a secure form of authentication of the company transactions. Rubber stamp comes with different ink colors such as red, black, and blue. Additionally, it eliminates the need for carrying inkpad.

Primary uses of company seal

Most of the people aware of a company chop and its uses but they failed to know the importance of company seal. Actually, the seal denotes the entire business management is in agreement with the contract and all sorts of information involved in the document. It recognizes the host company and supports the entire deed and act. Below mentioned are some of the primary uses of the seal.

  • Company seals are normally utilized on documents, which needed to be executed as the deeds. Generally, these deeds are established under the company’s seal contrary to simple contracts, which considered authentic and legitimate along with the access of the manager’s signature
  • Gone are the days the seals made with the help of wax to make the impression on the documents. On the other side, modern seals are the impression on the documents, which serve a similar purpose as the traditional seals.
  • The company seal has unlimited benefits and uses while used on the company documents. The major benefit is that it makes the documents authoritative and authentic. It also eliminates the need for forgery.
  • Today’s available company seals have utilized as company identification as well as branding purposes. Since it is authorized for a limited person’s use in the company, it is not easily embossed on the documents without official’s permission.  

A guide on how to design the company seal

Do you wish to have a company seal rather thana rubber stamp? Are you looking for the way to design a seal for your company? If so, then you can take help from the below section.

  • Shape

The traditional layout of the company seal is the small circle centered within the bigger circle. However, with the modern seals, you can find a different combination of shapes such as triangles, squares, octagons, ovals, and others. As soon as you have fixed a seal shape in your mind, simply sketch it on the paper and then open the document in MS word or utilize shape tools or use graphic design software to create the outline.

  • Exterior

The seal exterior areas feature the company name in the capital letters either at the top or at bottom of the design. This area also mentions the year, month, and day in which your company has been established, the state or city where it located or a combination of both. Based on your expectation, you can make changes in the seal exterior area.

  • Interior

The interior of the seal normally includes the term common/company seal or a small business description such as incorporated and corporation. This area also features the icon or logo of the company. In case, when you do not want the company location or established date in the seal’s exterior area, you can place those items in the interior.  If you have any idea to add some other elements in your seal, then update the sketch accordingly.

  • Fonts

Whenever designing the seal, you should choose the font style, which prints clearly on the foil and paper. Usually, fonts with serifs and script-style fonts do not print finely. Most of the business owners opt for block-style fonts including Century and Helvetica for the seals. After deciding the font, you must write the style on the paper or simply choose the text in the software and then change it to the selected font style.

  • Embellishments

The common seal features borders, which you can able to customize using the options such as double lines, stars, dots, ropes, and much more in the wide or narrow formats. Additionally, it has open spaces to embellish as per your wish. Some of the available embellish options are stars, crosses or dots. For example, your business is about traveling go with compass-points design on the exterior border and rope design for the interior. Use stars design to separate text.

  • Final touch

Once you have done a rough sketch of the design you wish, simply order the company seal device. Using that device, you can give soul to your sketch. Or else, you can use any one of the popular online printing service provider site to design your company seal. In the online site, you can either upload your sketch or even take designs from their default templates. Perform the final design process properly to get the seal as you wish.