Although a PVC banner is relatively easy to make, it doesn’t mean that it can be taken off lightly. The designing aspect in the making of a PVC banner is very important because it greatly impacts the effectiveness of a PVC banner especially if it is meant to be for advertising. A good PVC banner such as the one via Kiasuprint must be able to catch attention and give the right impression, leaving an imprint in people’s minds so that it won’t be easily forgotten. Creativity is an important skill in designing a PVC banner. But, creativity alone won’t be enough. There are several things that you must pay attention to in designing a PVC banner so that the result will be satisfactory, and it can fulfill the expectation you have for it the moment it is put up for a show.

1. Consider the size of your banner

You have to really consider the right size of your banner that you want. A PVC banner can be printed in various sizes, depending on your needs. The size is related to the dimension of the design that you must make, so you have to confirm it to ensure that the design will be suitable with the size and dimension of the PVC stock.

2. Keep it simple

Although a PVC banner usually comes in large size, you can’t put too much word in it. The message that is conveyed in the banner must be kept simple and concise so that people won’t be lazy to read it. Maintain their focus, so that with a glance of the eye, they can quickly grasp on what you are trying to say or promote with your banner. Make sure that all elements in the banner have enough space between each other so that your banner will not appear cluttered.

3. High-quality image for high-quality banner

A PVC banner allows you to have a crisp printing result. However, this depends on the size of the images that you use on it. Make sure that it is of high quality so that it won’t stretch too much and get pixellated upon printing. If the image looks bad, you won’t appear professional, and your banner won’t be appealing at all as it gives off a cheap or sloppy image that you don’t want to happen.

4. Use CMYK colors

Printers that are used to print PVC banner uses CMYK color method, which is the cyan, magenta, yellow, and black color. These four colors will be mixed to create more colors and have them printed according to your design. Now, during your design, the software usually uses RGB color. The RGB color will appear brighter on the screen or monitor, and differences may happen upon printing. Thus, you should remember using CMYK colors to avoid this from happening.

5. Place your text right

Consider the place for eyelets in the banner and measure how many centimeters you need to make from the eyelets and bleed toward the content of your banner, whether it is texts or images. Approximately, an eyelet is around the edge of the banner, around 500 mm. So keep this in mind. Don’t get overboard and add text around the area of eyelet, because the text might get cut and the result won’t be as satisfactory. Keep texts away from the edges, and you will be fine.