Do you want to start a company in Singapore? Then, the first thing you need to do is to hire a reliable company secretary in Singapore who would take care of all the administrative activities and company incorporation works. The company secretary would make sure that you start up company is complying with all the regulatory obligations of the government. As per the Singapore Companies Act, it is important for you to hire a Company Secretary in 6 months of establishing a business. Appointing the right person would make sure that your business is meeting all regulatory requirements and the business documents are filed on a timely basis.  

Reasons to hire a Company secretary 

You need to hire a company secretary as soon as you start the business. You can have an in-house company secretary or outsource the job to company secretary services in Singapore. 

  • Handle administrative activities with high accuracy: Company secretary should be highly qualified and talented to handle all kinds of administrative functions efficiently. By outsourcing this job to a reliable company will take care of all regulatory requirements from time to time. Every process that has to be handled would need expertise and extensive knowledge. By hiring the right one, you can stay with peaceful. Moreover, you do not need to worry about you getting penalized for not following certain regulations or for submission of documents lately.  
  • Easy and highly convenient: As company secretary would have ample experience in handling all kinds of administrative functions, you do not need to worry about legal complications. The requirements and submissions are done smoothly by these people saving your time. 
  • Cost-effective: When you outsource this job, you can save big. Indeed, you can use this money to expand your business or invest in other things.  

Why to start company in Singapore 

Here are a few reasons that are driving people for company incorporation in Singapore: 

  • Land of diverse hubs: Singapore is the place where you can find aviation hub, software hub, financial hub and seaport. This is the ideal place that is suitable to expand or start a new business. Moreover, this is a highly secure place politically and socially. 
  • Gained recognition across the globe: The companies that are established in this country can do business dealings with the people across the globe without any kind of restrictions.  
  • Right place for startups: The friendly policies offered by the Government are driving many people to establish their business in Singapore and flourish in a short time span. Many schemes that are offered for startups are making a breeze for the entrepreneurs with new ideas to execute them.  
  • Best Infrastructure: This country is grabbing the attention of business tycoons and new business people with its world-class infrastructure. There are hotels, airports, railways, internet, highways, etc. This modern place is growing as the best place to work for employees and the ideal place to boost productivity for businesses.  

If you want to keep your business in safe hands, you need to hire the right company secretary outsourcing company who takes care of your administrative functions. The same company will also help you to incorporate the company in Singapore smoothly by taking care of all legal processes carefully.