Designing a name card may seem easy, but there are a lot of considerations need to be done in order to make a name card that is effective and can represent you well.

These days, you can get a name card at a much shorter time, using an express name card printing service. But, still, during the designing process, you have to be meticulous. Here are some things that you need to take into account as you design a name card before you go for an express printing service.

1. Design Based on Your Line of Work

The decision made for the shape of the card, size, paper type, finishes, color, images, and everything that makes your name card must depend on your profession or company. A name card represents you and must help people associate the name card and you with the job or company that you are in. People can remember you better this way, and your name card will be regarded as professional and proper as well.

2. Brand Design

Make a brand design that is consistent. Your name card should be a part of your extensive stationery collection especially if you are in a company. There should be a recurring key theme, such as color or font style across all of your company stationery, whether it is name card, banner, logo, website, and others.

3. Information

The information put on your name card must be clear to ensure effective information delivery. Only put what’s important in there and keep it from being too much. A name card shouldn’t look overcrowded by text. If you need to put extra information then you can try utilizing both sides of the name card to avoid making it look stuffed.

4. Legibility

A name card delivers the information, and not only making sure that the information is easy to understand, but you also have to pay attention to the choice of font that you make. Choose fonts that are not overly stylized or fancy so that your name card can be read easily by anyone without causing misunderstanding.

4. Bleed Area

Including a bleed area in the design of your name card helps the printing shop make no mistake. Bleed area is the area around the name card, around 3-4 mm that’s left blank for the trimming process. Avoid adding a border because it may take more effort to get it right, and have a bleed area instead of a mistake free trimming process.

5. Print Professionally

To get the best quality name card, of course, you need to print at a place that is experienced and reputable. If you can’t find one around your area, you can consider finding an online printing shop with a delivery option. This alternative is very convenient and it may even enable you to save up money and energy since you don’t actually have to go to the place. However, it can be more difficult to really see the quality of the work. Try to find one that can provide a clear portfolio to see so that you can be sure of the quality they can offer you.